OnePlus 6 – All that we know so far

In the last few weeks, I’ve been following several news/rumors surrounding OnePlus 6 and I strongly feel the need to combine all that I know into one giant article. Here’s that effort.

As you all know, the company has been following a pattern as far as device releases are concerned. They release two devices in an year i.e., one which would be a major release while another one being minor tweak to the first one (spec bump for the most part). OnePlus 6 would also follow the same suite and we will most probably see a major release in next few months. As far as release date of OnePlus 6 is concerned, I’m looking at somewhere around first two weeks of June. At least that’s when OnePlus 5 was announced last year.

While OnePlus 5/5T didn’t have major design changes, OnePlus 6 might bring in major changes to the design.

OnePlus 6 – Design changes

OnePlus 6 will reportedly feature a notch which has been incorporated in the upcoming version of Android. As far as display is concerned, it is speculated that it will be little more stretched (19:9 ratio with notch) compared to OnePlus 5/5T. It also rumored that the phone would have glass back in order to make way for wireless charging. Although, I was hoping that the fingerprint reader would be under the display, but it seems that they will stick to the idea of putting it on the back below camera. Compared to the OnePlus 5/5T, the dual camera module could be positioned in the center with vertical alignment instead of being horizontal and positioned at top-left corner.

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OnePlus 6 – Speculated hardware

OnePlus has a history of providing top-notch hardware with their flagship device. This will continue with OnePlus 6. It will most definitely run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Although, I’m not the person who follows benchmark strictly, there are numerous benchmark results available on this one. It will have 8 GB RAM, as much as 256 GB of storage, and 3300 mAh battery. Although there’s no leak concerning the camera sensors, it seems to me that it will get 20MP and 12MP sensors.

Software – Android 8.1 Oreo

There isn’t much to talk on the software front as it will definitely be running on OxygenOS which comes up with few enhancements to the vanilla Android (Oreo). Perhaps, we will be able to see a true dark theme? (Come on, Google! Make that happen).

Pricing – $700?

Although there’s no information available surrounding this piece, I would like to make my guess. The pricing would mostly be below or around $700 making it value for money phone especially when all other flagship phones cost $200-$300 more.

I’ll keep on updating this post as and when needed.

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