Gmail for Android updated to include ‘Snooze’ feature of Inbox

By now you might’ve seen (or at least heard about) the new Gmail recently launched by Google, which is making its appearance in web browsers around the world. However, updates to any of Google’s major products can’t be considered complete until they affect something in their respective Android apps as well. So an update has been rolled out by the company for Gmail’s Android app as well, which brings the “snooze” functionality with it.

Now, this is not necessarily something over the top, and also not something completely new (company’s other email client called ‘Inbox’ already comes with it), but still something that would’ve come a long time ago. Gmail snooze will allow you to set (sort of) a reminder for certain emails. When you snooze any particular email, it temporarily disappears from your inbox but returns later on a time pre-defined by you. The UI of feature in Gmail is same as that of Inbox, which shows how easy it is for Google to increase the features of its products without doing a lot of hard work.

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Gmail snooze can be accessed from overflow menu (the 3 dots in top right corner) of emails, and once you tap it you’ll have the choices like “later today”, “tomorrow” and “this weekend”. You can choose the option of your choice, or if you wish you can also define your custom time for the feature. Once set, you don’t need to think about that email again until the notification appears.

Currently not all Android users will have access to the feature. It’s being rolled out slowly, so it can be expected to come out for Indian users in some time. In the meantime if you wish you can check out the feature on Gmail website as it has been enabled there by the company.

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