Google I/O 2018: What to expect for Android from this year’s I/O

Google I/O 2018 is just around the corner, and like every year there’s a lot of excitement around this developers’ conference this time too. Not only developers but users of company’s products (mainly Android fans) also want to carefully follow the updates of Day #1 as company may announce several changes to its important products and services, including Android. So we thought it would be nice to take a look on what all can be expected from Google I/O 2018 when it comes to Android. Let’s take a look:

Android P

The developer beta of Android P was released in March, so based on the tradition it’s obvious that Google will talk about this upcoming version of Android in detail at I/O 2018. There will be several sessions to familiarize developers with the changes of Android P, and we may get to see in action the gesture-based navigation system developed by the company. With this update Google is also expected to introduce a rounder and lighter version of Material Design, and we may see the first glimpse of that design at I/O. The name of new version is unlikely to be announced at the event, but we’ll let you know if something is revealed by the company regarding that.

Android Auto

Google just loaded its Android Auto OS with the major new addition of Google Assistant. Now at I/O it’s rumored that search giant may also add customized Google Maps and Google Play Store to this platform, thus opening the possibility of downloading apps directly into our cars with help of in-car LTE. Some UI enhancements are also expected to be revealed for this platform.

Google Assistant

Over the course of last few years Google Assistant has got incredibly smarter than it ever was. And when you take into account that it was already the smartest among a whole lot of virtual assistants, it immediately becomes clear that Google is way ahead of everyone else in the game. In last few years it has even worked with various hardware partners to integrate the Assistant much deeper with their devices. The result is an even smarter assistant. In modern devices we can summon Google assistant to perform device-specific tasks (i.e. taking a wide-angle selfie on a smartphone that comes with the feature). LG has already been working with Google since quite some time to get these standout features in its devices, and so are some other manufacturers as well. At I/O 2018 those manufacturers may show how they’ve integrated Google Assistant with their devices on a deeper level.

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Android TV

Though Google usually doesn’t announce new devices at I/O and keeps them safe for separate launch events later in the year, the company has occasionally used its I/O keynotes to launch some new products (i.e. Daydream VR headset). So, the idea of a product launch at I/O is not completely alien, and we’ve recently seen a new Android TV dongle made by the company on FCC website. So there’s a slim chance that a new Android TV dongle may also be released at I/O 2018.

Final Thoughts

There will certainly be a lot more than this at Google I/O 2018, but these are the major things that we can expect to be shown/announced about Android at this conference. If more new stuff is announced we’ll certainly let you know about it, so keep checking back.

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