Motorola is building a new Android One phone with a really wide notch

Love it or hate it, but the notch is now expanding its presence to Android One devices as well. And surprisingly, the company behind this expansion is Motorola, which is already known very well for its stock Android like experience. Nevertheless, the company seems to be working on an Android One device called Motorola One Power if an image leaked recently is to be believed. And interestingly, that image is showing the device with a notch.

That’s right – Motorola One Power is an Android One smartphone under development, and it has got the popular design trend of today (a notch with narrow bezels). The notch is also pretty wide, and on the back of device there is a vertically aligned dual camera along with Motorola’s logo that probably doubles up as fingerprint sensor as well.

Another notable fact about the device is Motorola branding. For quite some time Lenovo worked with just Moto branding on its phones, but now it seems that company wants to bring back the old good Motorola. The naming scheme of device is also a significant departure from what company has done for last few years. Instead of C, E, G, X and Z this time it’s “One Power”. Perhaps company wants to go as far as possible to make its device stand out from the crowd.

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The specs of device are not known as of now, but we’ll let you know as soon as something leaks about them.

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