New leaked patent hints Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may come with under-display fingerprint sensor

When it comes to biggest leaps ever in the history of smartphone technology, few things sound bigger than an under display fingerprint sensor. The feature has been in the rumors for several years now, and smartphone makers of all sizes and countries have tried to implement it in their devices. It has also turned out to be among the most complicated smartphone features ever with giants like Samsung and Apple giving up multiple times on it.

However, now there’re hopes that next flagship smartphone to be launched by Samsung (that’s Galaxy Note 9) may come with this feature. Yes, the hopes have are there since the time of Galaxy S8, but this time things are different because another smartphone vendor (Vivo) has already implemented the feature proving that it’s possible to have a fully functional fingerprint sensor hidden under the display. And now a new patent discovered recently by 91mobiles is also pointing towards the possibility of Samsung using a similar method to install the under-display fingerprint sensor in Galaxy Note 9.

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That’s right – the patent shows that Samsung plans to place its fingerprint sensor module in the bottom of display. Sitting there the module would complete authentication in 5 steps. It will:

  • Detect touch input in the sensing region of display;
  • Determine the touch region corresponding to that input;
  • Change the color and brightness of that touch region;
  • Acquire fingerprint data with help of change in light and color;
  • Authenticate if data detected matches with data stored.

The method is identical to Clear ID method of Synaptics that was used in Vivo X20 Plus, but so far there’re no signs of any collaboration between Synaptics and Samsung. Nevertheless, we may soon get to hear about who developed this sensor when Galaxy Note 9 (or Galaxy S10, if company’s hit a wall once again) is launched.

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