Your android phone can now group memes automatically

There’s no doubt that smartphones are getting smarter day by day. In fact, at this year’s Google I/O, we watched how Google duplex technology is being used to call businesses on your behalf. That call was so seamless that it seemed like machines had just passed the Turing test. This time around, Google has taken it one step further with its product Google images. Triggering a google image search on certain keywords now triggers a small popup which lets you download and group memes and other images automatically in their own separate collection (or folder if this is the preferred term).

Group memes – limited functionality?

Although I was able to search with few of my own keywords, the functionality seems limited to certain users. In addition to the limited user visibility, not all keywords worked as the feature seems to be in its primary stage. The keywords that did work pretty well were – Adidas t-shirts, Nike shoes, and memes.

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As of writing this article, I was able to test this feature on one of my accounts and I’m pretty excited as I won’t have to group memes manually anymore. Do give this a try and let me know if you’re able to see this feature on your phone.

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