Google to launch not 2 but 3 Pixel smartphones in next few months

It’s turning out that Google’s hardware developers have been asked to develop not 2 but 3 Pixel smartphones on their desks!! It may seem ironic as of now based on what Google has said every year to mock Apple (that they don’t keep their best features locked with larger devices), but according to some reliable sources that’s how things are going to unfold over the course of next few months.

The surprising bit of information was dropped by popular leaker Roland Quandt from his Twitter account. Tweeting about the 3rd Pixel device Quandt said that Google is currently working on a Snapdragon 710 based mobile device that will be launched in first half of 2019. The device, he said, seems to be the mid-range version of company’s Pixel smartphone. Now, that seems possible because a mid-range Pixel was recently also in rumors for a brief time.

Talking further about the device Roland said that it seems to be a mid-range Pixel because it has a fishy codename called “Bonito”. According to Wikipedia “Bonitos are a tribe of medium-sized, ray-finned predatory fish”.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will obviously be the costliest toys of company, so Google may be working on a mid-range option to address the needs of that market which wants a Pixel smartphone but can’t afford it.  That’s why it might’ve decided to launch 3 Pixel smartphones this year.

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Roland summed up the conversation with an interesting last tidbit: developers have started working on it only about a month ago! Therefore, no details are known except for Snapdragon 710. Let’s wait for more details then.

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