LG V35 ThinQ and Moto G5S Plus now support Google ARCore

So here comes another great feature for LG V35 ThinQ: the device now supports ‘ARCore’, a virtual reality platform announced by Google last year. This will make LG’s latest flagship capable of running augmented reality applications (a feature that’s available in select few flagships only). Those who have already purchased G7 ThinQ just got another reason to rejoice, while those who’re considering to purchase a new flagship smartphone got another reason to consider LG’s latest beast carefully.

However, LG G7 ThinQ is not the only new addition to list of ARCore supported devices. Moto G5S Plus has also received the support, which makes it the first mid-range device to support ARCore. The most interesting thing about Moto G5S Plus is that it will support ACore even on Nougat version of Android. This is great considering the fact that there’s still no sign of Oreo update for this device despite the update being announced long time ago.

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ARCore, in case you don’t know, is Google’s Augmented Reality platform that aims to bring the power of AR to Android devices without requiring additional hardware. It requires no additional sensors, special cameras or other hardware to support AR – the regular ones are enough. However, it’s not supported on all devices and unless a device is supported by it we can’t use it on that device.

Fortunately, the list of supported devices is growing. Hopefully more devices will also receive ARCore support soon. Until now it supported only Google Pixels and Samsung’s Galaxy flagships. Now when list has started growing, more devices may also become compatible soon.

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