Nokia 7 Plus latest Android device to receive ARCore support

Google’s list of ARCore supported devices continues to grow as one more device seems set to receive the support. This time it’s a Nokia, and it’s known as Nokia 7 Plus. The mid-range flagship that was launched in March now appears in ARCore’s list of supported devices on Google Play Store. You’ll find the mention of Nokia 7 Plus in supported devices when you look at the Google Play description of ARCore app.

However, an interesting thing is that Nokia 7 Plus still doesn’t appear in list of ARCore supported devices on Google’s official ARCore website. That list still shows only two other HMD devices, namely Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 8 Sirocco. Perhaps the list may be updated soon.

Google’s ARCore platform is an augmented reality platform and an answer to Apple’s ARKit. It tries to enable the AR experience on existing and upcoming Android smartphones without requiring any additional hardware. The thing is that currently it supports a limited number of devices, but that list is growing fast now. Most recently LG G7 ThinQ and Moto G5S Plus received ARCore support. Recently Google also launched an app called ‘Measure’ that utilizes the technology of ARCore to help people measure the length or height of objects with help of normal cameras on their smartphones.

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