Web version of Android Messages now being rolled out publicly by Google

So finally it’s happening – Google is taking on Apple’s iMessage in a big way. The company has its Web version of Android Messages up and running, and now it’s being rolled out to public. Though it had been announced way back in April alongside company’s plans of building Rich Communication Services (RCS) into Android Messages, till now it had not been online. But now it’s online and Google is making it available to billions of Android users worldwide.

The Web version of Android Messages is very similar to that of WhatsApp. You can access it by visiting messages.android.com, and you can sign in by scanning the QR code displayed on site inside Android Messages app on your phone. There’s a new ‘Messages for Web’ option in the menu of latest Android Messages app that will allow you to scan the QR code being displayed on the screen of your computer.

What’s next? Well, that’s all – once you follow the simple procedure outlined above the messages coming to your phone will be synchronized with the web client over an internet connection. But keep in mind that you will need the latest version of Android Messages app on your phone to be able to follow this procedure.

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However, the option is not available to users of all countries as of now. It’s possible that you don’t see the option despite updating the app. But the good news is that it will be available to everyone within this month. According to company’s official blog post it’s being rolled out “today and over the course of next week”. So if you can’t see the feature in your Messages app despite updating it, keep an eye on any other update(s) to Android Messages in Play Store over the course of next 7-10 days. When any update comes, just update your app to get started with SMS messaging from your computer.

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