Android Messages gets Dark Mode theme, looks stunning

Despite the advent of so many social media messaging apps, there are still plenty of people who prefer to use the traditional method of text-based communication. Myself for one, always find it more secretive and personal than talking to someone on Facebook or Whatsapp etc. In the latest 3.4 update to its android messages app, Google is rolling out two major features along with it. The ‘Dark Mode’ that some of you may already know about is now fully functional with Material Theme redesign. The new update also includes a string that moves you closer to easy Chromebook pairing via SMS connect.

Dark Mode with Material Theme

In the earlier versions i.e, from v3.2, few people were able to see the android messages dark mode via a toggle that appeared in settings. With this latest update, a material theme was also revealed for Google’s default SMS and RCS client enabling dark mode which looks stunning.

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After enabling the dark mode, default white color of Google Material design turns into the black with lighter colors such as grey for conversation bubbles. You can see in the image above, how dark mode changes the color pattern of your android messages app.

As you can see, the theme still is in the development stage and there are many minor fixes that can be expected in upcoming updates. Also, we have observed that the update is not available to everyone yet. It may take some time to roll out this update to all.

Stay tuned.

photo credits – phonearena

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