Google Home Mini for FREE – eBay only!

In a not so shocking move to steal the craze from Amazon Prime Day on 16th July, eBay announced a deal where you can get a Google Home Mini completely free if you check it out along with $119 or more worth of products.

Surprisingly, this deal is offered at a very low price with a few product exceptions such as paper money, coins etc. It’s valid until midnight of 14th July i.e. 12 pm. Remember to check out before 11:59 PM PST on 14th July and make sure that you have added items worth $119 or more in your cart(excluding Google Home Mini).

Sadly enough, this deal is valid for only U.S. residents. To avail of this deal, add Google Home Mini in your eBay cart. Browse around for other products that might pick your interest of something that you already were looking for and add it in your cart to increase the total tally to $119 or more excluding the price of Google Home Mini.

During Checkout, add the code “PMINI4FREE” in the redeem your code area. One more thing to keep in mind is that don’t try to outsmart eBay. If you try to return the other items you bought alongside just for free Google Home Mini, eBay might charge the actual price for it.

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Google Home Mini has been very popular recently. Its a compact version of a full sized Google Home. The key difference between those apart from size and price is that Google Home can function as a full-scale speaker for your home while Google Home Mini was built primarily as a voice control assistant and is not so great at music playing.

This move by eBay is purposely sticking it to Amazon as not to mention Amazon Prime Subscription required for Amazon Prime Day is also priced at $119. It’s another not so good going for Amazon with Google Home Mini already snatching the Market From Amazon Dot Echo.

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