Google Pay for Android to now store your boarding passes and event tickets

Google Pay for Android with tickets

When Google merged all its payment services together in January, Google Pay was born. Now 6 months later Google Pay is becoming much smarter than ever after being loaded with several new features requested by the users. Let’s take a quick look on what those features are and how they can change our experience with Google Pay for Android.

The first new feature added to Google Pay for Android is that now it can save your boarding passes, event tickets and loyalty cards all in one convenient place. That way your Google Pay account in your smartphone becomes your ticket to a number of things. As of now the tickets from Ticketmaster and Southwest are the only ones that can be stored in the app, but support for Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines, Vueling and many others is coming soon according to the blog post that announced these new features. All saved tickets and cards can be accessed from the Passes tab.

The next thing that Google has done is combining Google Pay and Pay Send applications to help you send and request money from a single app. If you live in US (coming soon to UK as well) you can request money from anyone with a few taps in the new Google Pay app. This can come extremely handy in situations where you need to split the bill of something between multiple people (i.e. in restaurants).

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Finally, managing payment info is also quite easier in new Google pay for Android. Everything is synchronized between the web version of app and the version on your smartphone with help of your Google Account, so if you make changes to anything on your laptop it will be synced to your smartphone as well, and vice versa.

What do you think about these new changes done to Google Pay? Share your thoughts in comments.

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