Google testing out new designs for Google Chrome home button

If you use Google Chrome as your main web browser on Android, you might’ve seen the home button it contains. Or you might haven’t, depending on the device that you use. The thing is that Google Chrome on Android has always had a Home button, but not for all devices. It shows in some devices and doesn’t show in others. In April Google tried to make it universal, but later decided to keep things as they were. Now, however, it’s turning out that company is testing out new designs for this Google Chrome home button.

That’s right – according to Android Police over the course of last few days several users have reported seeing Home button as a minimalist Chrome icon in Canary and Dev versions of browser. Both these versions are testing grounds for new features to be introduced in main Chrome browser, so there’re rumors that company is thinking about changing the design of Google Chrome Home button.

new design of Chrome home button

Image source: AndroidPolice

However, the Chrome icon is not the only thing that users are seeing. Some users have also seen a newspaper-like icon in its place, so Google may possibly be trying a bunch of different designs for the new button. Notably, if you enable the Chrome Duplex UI (still under development), the button returns back to Home icon.

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It will be interesting to see whether Google implements this change or not. And also if implemented, does it come to all devices or not. Let’s wait and watch!

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