Huawei’s new fast charging technology leaks, may be the fastest yet

P20 Lite fast charging

It seems that fast charging is the next area where smartphone giants of the world are going to compete. We’ve already seen a number of companies innovating to make this thing as fast as possible, and currently Oppo’s Super VOOC charging standard is the fastest one with capability to top up a 3,750 mAh battery within 35 minutes. The standard has been implemented in Lamborghini Edition of Oppo Find X. It seems, however, that Huawei is soon planning to give Oppo’s Super VOOC technology a run for its money with something even faster!

That’s right – the technology was recently certified by Chinese 3C and it’s expected to come with next Huawei Power adaptor. According to 3C listing it can work in 3 modes, with fastest one being 10 volts at 4 amps. That’s about 40 watts of maximum output, twice of what is offered by the currently available Huawei P20 chargers. It’s quite possible that company may use the new fast charging technology for power adaptor of upcoming Mate 20 flagship, but we can’t be too certain about it as of now.

Huawei fast charging 4A

The new fast charging technology of company as spotted on 3C website

You may be wondering just about how fast it will be in comparison to the Super VOOC tech of Oppo. Well, while comparisons have not been done till now as Huawei’s technology is yet to hit the market, according to CNMO it’s expected that this new technology will be able to charge devices up to 90% in half an hour. That is about as fast as Super VOOC (depending on the battery size, because CNMO doesn’t mention the size of battery that can be charged up to 90% within 30 mins), and quite faster than company’s own best chargers available currently. As of now the P20 series chargers are the best ones made by the company, and they take 45 minutes to charge their respective devices.

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