Latest leak from Poland reveals price of Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 invite

It’s less than a month remaining in the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now, and the leaks are pouring in from a steady pace. Though we already know that this device is not gonna be much different from its predecessor, it still makes sense to keep an eye on this upcoming beast as it belongs to Samsung’s 2nd main family of flagship smartphones. So when we came to know about the price of Galaxy Note 9 in a latest leak we thought it’s certainly the information worth sharing with you guys. And here we’re to do the same.

The first thing to know about this price leak is that it has come from Poland, so the price is for Polish market. However, it won’t be much different for the rest of Europe as well. For US market it may be different, but it can still give us a relative idea of how expensive Galaxy Note 9 is going to be in comparison to its predecessor. And the thing is that the difference doesn’t seem to be too much.

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That’s right – according to this leak coming from a Polish website the price of Galaxy Note 9 that company has finalized for Poland is PLN 4,299. That is €990 or $1,158, which is not much different from the price of currently available Note 8. This confirms once again that there won’t be much difference between both devices.

The leak, according to website that reported it, is based on insider information. Plus, the price has also been confirmed by a local store in Poland, so there’s good reason to believe that it is true.

Now let’s see what else is revealed about this upcoming flagship in next few leaks!

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