Leaked renders show Golden-Blue combination of Galaxy Note 9 S Pen and phablet

It turns out that Samsung is trying some very unique things to make its next Galaxy Note stand out from its predecessors. It’s a well-known fact that Note 9 is going to be more or less like its predecessor Note 8 in terms of looks and features, so the company has devised a new way to differentiate it. You know what is it? It’s a different colored S Pen.

That’s true – the latest leaked press renders of Galaxy Note 9 (courtesy of Evan Blass) are showing the Blue colored device with a Golden S Pen. This kind of combination is a first, as until now Note devices used to come with S Pens of same color. The top end of Galaxy Note 9 S Pen, however, has still been kept blue to ensure that it doesn’t look weird when tucked inside the device. But when it’s out in the hands, it will certainly help people spot Note 9 users from a distance.

Another notable thing showing up in the render is location of fingerprint sensor. This time Samsung has positioned it below the camera lenses rather than next to the lenses and flash module. This is a much better location than all others tried by the company in previous models. Minor changes can also be seen in the camera module, as one sensor is bigger than the other one.

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On the front, however, it’s almost impossible to separate the device from its predecessor. Both look very identical. There’re differences inside, the biggest among which is Snapdragon 845 processor, but even that thing won’t bring too much of a difference in everyday use because Note 8 also comes with a powerful configuration. So the only major, easily visible difference right now seems Galaxy Note 9 S Pen. Rest we’ll come to know in few days!

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