Motorola One android smartphone flaunts its back in latest images, hints at multiple versions

It seems that Motorola One Power is not going to be launched alone – instead, it’s likely to come as part of a new lineup that company may be developing right now. We’ve already seen what Motorola One Power looks like: narrow bezels, vertically aligned camera, a plastic back and a notch. Now, however, two new images have emerged that seem to be showing an unseen Motorola One smartphone from backside.

That’s right – the images show a new white-colored Motorola device with white glossy back made of glass and a slightly different camera module than the one that we saw in Motorola One Power. This is why the rumors of more than one device being launched under Motorola One lineup are emerging. The version of device leaked earlier may be the budget version, while this one may be a bit costlier than it.

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Motorola One leaked image

The slightly unfortunate part of these leaked images, however, is that they don’t reveal any other details about the device. Except stock Android and design we don’t know anything about this upcoming Motorola One android smartphone as of now. Hopefully we’ll come to know more by 2nd of August as that’s when company is holding a big event to launch the new device(s).

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