Samsung Galaxy X – A foldable phone from the future?

Back in 2011, the company showcased a prototype for a smartphone with a flexible AMOLED display. Even before that, in 2008, the company showed an OLED screen for a smartphone that could be bent. There have been rumors of such flexible display smartphones every year but we never saw one making its way in public market. The closest Samsung came to a foldable phone was a curved screen smartphone back in 2013. This was far away from realizing the concept of a foldable screen smartphone but a big step in the right direction nonetheless.

Though the phone was still a no-show, Samsung clearly was on the right track. In the meanwhile, the company filed numerous patents for its designs related to the foldable phone. In 2017, the company filed a patent for the ability to fold without causing any damage to internal components of the smartphone. Apparently, it consists of an artificial muscle-like technology which would move along with bending of the screen to prevent any harm to the phone. This brought Samsung a lot closer to making foldable screen smartphones a reality.

In addition to this, a technological advancement from Samsung in the form of a curved battery of 6,000 mAh is another giant leap towards its potential success. Due to this, Samsung might actually be launching a smartphone with a foldable screen named Samsung Galaxy X sometimes in the next year i.e. 2019.

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It is reported to have a 7-inch display and a price tag of $1,500. With such a higher price range and bendable screen not adding any value to gaming or multitasking, there might be very few takers of this phone. However, as par an insider, company isn’t looking to break into a consumer segment with this. They just simply want to be the first one to bring the concept into the market. But, the company sure hopes to find some buyers in the premium users segment.

What about you? If the phone was priced at $1,500 with a 7-inch display and top-notch hardware, would you give it a go? What’s the thing that piqued your interest most about a smartphone display that can be bent?

In fact, in addition to the foldable screen, how cool would it be have the newest 8GB LPDR5 ram in this concept phone. I’m not really sure how they will incorporate it in the foldable phone, but it does sound awesome.

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