Second Samsung Galaxy Watch hits FCC with a larger display

As you all probably know, Samsung Galaxy Watch (earlier knows as Samsung Gear) is going to be released in the next few weeks. So far, we have learned about two different variants in size. A smaller one with measurements of 51.2 mm and 43.4 mm with a display of 1.2”. Another larger one with a slightly larger body of 48 mm and a 1.3” display.

Samsung plans on releasing different variants in the US and Canada respectively. While the information is not made available to the general public, we can thank the FCC records that went public a while ago. Due to these documents, we have now a glimpse of the upcoming Samsung galaxy watch and its variants.

Apart from the minor difference in size, both variants are expected to be identical as far as hardware is concerned. Both sizes will have Wifi and LTE models available. Despite particular details, we weren’t able to confirm the operating system running these watches. I highly doubt they will release it with Android Wear especially when they have it well-developed on tizen.

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What would you place your money on if you could?

In related news, Samsung Galaxy Watch will be coming in three different colors i.e. silver, black, and gold. Earlier Samsung gear came in only silver and black while the relatively newer Gear Sport came in black and blue. Not just that, according to this report by The Verge, Samsung could potentially add its smart assistant Bixby in its galaxy watch series.

As excited as you are with it, an even more good news is that its gonna be in the market very soon. As per the reports, Samsung is gonna announce these watches at its Samsung Unpacked event on Aug 9. After which it should be available for purchase from August 24 (maybe, just maybe).

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