Waze navigation now works with Android Auto app on our smartphones

When Waze had started supporting Android Auto last year, everyone was ecstatic. However, the joy had soon turned into sorrow when it was discovered that a proper Android Auto supporting head display unit is required to take advantage of new support added by the service. Waze would simply not work with Android Auto app on our smartphones and we would need to have expensive special head displays installed in our vehicles to get it work with Android Auto.

That thing, however, had changed for good now after an year.

Waze just rolled out an update to its Android app that makes it work flawlessly with Android Auto apps on our smartphones as well. That means now we can use our smartphone to navigate with Waze while driving and no additional hardware is required to be installed. You can just install both Android Auto app and Waze app on your smartphone (update to the latest versions if installed but not updated in a while) and then you’re good to go. Whenever you’ll tap the navigation icon inside Auto menu you’ll see two options: Google Maps and Waze. You can choose Waze, mount your smartphone in the car and start navigating instantly. The integration is pretty much the same as regular app, so it shouldn’t be difficult to use.

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Although it’s well known that Google Maps are the richest maps that anyone can have, it’s also important to keep in mind that Waze has got some info that you won’t find in Google Maps. That thing can’t be explained in words – you’ll realize it yourself only when you’ll use Waze for some time.  So which one will you use from now? Google Maps or Waze? Share your thoughts in comments.

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