Android Pie Go edition launches within 10 days of Pie

Google has launched Android Pie Go edition with several improvements, faster boot times and smoother overall experience in comparison to Android Oreo Go edition. This quick launch of Pie Go within 10 days shows how much importance Google gives to budget devices. Smartphone manufacturers generally ignore these lower-end smartphones once they are launched.

According to the company, Android Pie Go edition will be 500mb smaller than the Oreo Go edition. It will also be 3GB smaller than the regular edition of Android 9 Pie. It will boot faster, will be smoother and will also offer a dashboard for tracking data consumption. Android Pie Go has also been given an extra layer of security with the help of the verified boot feature.

It’s a known fact that Android Go edition phones run on the lite version of regular apps. For example, Maps Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Assistant Go and Google Go are all stripped down version of the regular apps. There’re some extra useful features too like it can read web pages while highlighting their words. Google also revealed that there are more than 120 Android Go devices available in 200 countries including India, South Africa, Nigeria, United States and Brazil. In some countries, the prices of these devices start for as low as $30.

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