Fortnite for Android is coming on 24th Aug with two major caveats

After a long wait filled with rumors about Fortnite for Android and malicious apps,  it seems that it is finally coming. However, there’re two caveats with its arrival that you need to know right now. First – this famous battle royale of Epic Games will not arrive in the Play Store. Instead, it will be available for download on the company’s official website only. This was revealed recently by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney himself. So you’ll have to sideload the game on your device when it’s released by the company.

The primary reason behind this choice is purely financial – Google takes 30% cut out of all revenue that app developers make from their Android apps, whether it’s from in-app purchases or from the initial purchase of the app in Play Store. Epic Games doesn’t want to give this 30%, so it has decided to take the distribution of the game completely in its own hands.

The second caveat is that when Fortnite for Android finally arrives, it may arrive as a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive. That’s right – rumors are suggesting that Samsung and Epic Games have struck a deal on this matter, and Fortnite will be released only when Galaxy Note 9 hits the market. Since we’re hearing that Note 9 will be released on 24th of August after its official launch on 9th of August, there’s a good chance that Fortnite will also be released on 24th August. But even on that date, it’s unlikely to arrive for all Android devices, as Samsung reportedly wants it to remain a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive for one month.

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Let’s see whether this second thing happens or not. For now, we know only one thing with certainty – the game will not be available through Google Play Store and will have to be downloaded separately from their website.

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