Gmail Android app now allows you to undo sent emails

Gmail Android app has just been blessed with yet another much-needed feature from its desktop variant. The app now allows you to undo sent emails within a few seconds of them being sent, so if you see an error right after hitting the send button you can pull the email back to fix things.

The feature was first spotted by folks at Android Police. According to reports, it was silently introduced with version 8.7 of the Gmail Android app. Since version 8.7 was released by the company last month, this is not exactly the latest app update. The process of undoing a sent email is the same as the one that you might’ve seen in the company’s other email app called ‘Inbox’. When you send an email you see a notification at the bottom that has a button to undo. The left side of notification shows the status of email being sent (i.e. sent or sending), while the right side shows the button to undo a sent mail (while mail is being sent that button serves the purpose of canceling). If you cancel the email, you return to the draft screen where you were writing your mail. Same happens when you undo a sent email – the only difference is that a sent email takes some time before returning to the composition screen (probably because it’s pulled back from the inbox of the receiver) while a canceled email returns you to draft screen quickly.

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If you’re not on a version of Gmail newer than 8.7, update your app today to enjoy the feature. If you’re already up to date but still don’t see it, force close the app from the recent menu and then launch it again. That is because the change seems to be a server-side change rather than a native feature of the app.

Image credit: TheNextWeb

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