Google’s all white UI for Android apps may just bring dark mode to Android

In the past few months, I’ve been actively looking at what Google has been trying to do as far as UI overhaul is concerned. Initially, it was settings app that was massively remodified to be consistent with white UI. Google Photos is another perfect example of a white UI. Google Calendar has already got the similar treatment. This time around, it is Contacts and Phone dialer app that has received an update to turn them into the white colored interface.

I frankly think that this direction is definitely looking fishy. I strongly believe that Google is planning to release a complete dark mode across Android which would reflect across these apps. It makes much more sense when you look at how they have been changing the UI to be more light colored. It seems to me that having a dark mode for the Android ecosystem would be much cooler. A lot of us are already waiting for that damn dark mode. In fact, YouTube started getting its dark mode treatment a few weeks back.

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Looking for one more hint? Well, Google Chrome has a hidden flag that turns it into the dark mode when in incognito. To enable it, you’ve to access special settings by going into flags from the address bar.

Is system-wide dark mode imminent for Android? I think so. Let’s get the discussion going.

image credits – 9to5google

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