HTC posts Q2 2018 earnings, revenue continues to go down

HTC has posted Q2 earnings report for 2018 and it is no surprise at all. In fact, this time the revenue is so bad that the last time it was this low was when Android wasn’t even in the market. This is the lowest revenue since 2003 and it doesn’t seem to be going uphill anytime soon. Just last month, it was reported that the company laid off 22% of its workforce due to a massive 67% slump in its monthly sales.

I still remember the time when my first smartphone was HTC P3400i – to be specific and they had just announced HTC HD2. These smartphones thrived on windows mobile platform. In fact, HTC started gaining traction as it moved away from windows mobile and closer towards Android. HTC Sense was one of the first eye-candy UI at that time and they had so much success at that time. As the time changed, it seems to me that they are still stuck with some old-fashioned decision-making process.

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Compared to the last year’s Q2 revenue, it is down by as much as 77 percent. If you compare that to overall revenue, the situation is worse with 54 percent downfall since this time in 2017. Although I’m seeing this giant red line, there seems to be a tiny green line going upwards when it comes to the profits. Because of the Google acquiring most of the HTC’s engineering staff and capital gains, HTC is still thriving in terms of profit by almost 19 billion.

It’s no wonder that HTC needs to go back to the drawing board and start looking at its past mistakes. This revenue report clearly reflects that the decisions and strategies are distinctly inoperative.

source – HTC’s official earning report

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