Google may launch a Pixel 3 wireless charging dock alongside new Pixel phones

Google Pixel 3 launch is a few days away, and we know almost everything about it due to a large number of leaks that came out in last few days. We know the design, the specifications, and even the colors. The only thing remaining were accessories, and now details on that particular front have also started to leak. The latest leak is about an important accessory of Pixel 3: a charging dock.

That’s true. Google may also launch a Pixel 3 wireless charging dock either at the launch event itself or within a few days of launch. The dock will be known as Pixel Stand, and we came to know about it through a recent APK teardown of the Google app (v8.22). A short animation buried deep inside the code of the app shows how Pixel 3 devices will work while connected to this dock, and how the dock will provide extended functionality. There’s arrangement for slideshows to be shown on screen, and a different user interface of Google Assistant as well in the latest Google app to provide a great experience with this Pixel 3 wireless charging dock.

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So now we can be pretty sure about wireless charging feature being provided with both Pixel smartphones. Rest will be known on October 9, so don’t forget checking our updates that day.

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