Inbox by Gmail will be discontinued from March 2019: Google (RIP)

According to the tweet from an official handle of Inbox by Gmail, Google’s experimental email platform will be discontinued by March next year. The reports started making their way early this year when changes to the Gmail weren’t introduced in the Inbox app.

Last year, Computerworld reported that the Inbox by Gmail wouldn’t carry improvements introduced in Gmail – as quoted by one of the Google representatives. This is when it became apparent that the days are numbered for this experimental email platform. During the same time, it was also quoted that by the Google representative – “it remains a great product for users with specific workflows and one in which we test innovative features for email”.

I personally did like the intelligent aspect of Inbox app especially the way it was bundling my conversations and only showing those emails that mattered. This was really helpful but as the time went by, I started using Gmail more than the Inbox. It just felt right and I realized that I was more comfortable in using Gmail instead of Inbox app. It is completely understandable as Google seems to have shifted its focus towards making Gmail a better place rather than investing on two platforms that are doing the same job.

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The transition guide is available here.

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