Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks reveal 3 separate models

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus predecessor

The first few Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks have started coming in, and we’re learning that there will be 3 different models of the device. The model numbers leaked today, and they’re SM-G970F, SM-G973F, and SM-G975F. Some specifications of these models have also leaked, and they reveal that G970 will come with a 5.8-inch flat display, G973 with a 5.8-inch Edge display while G975 will have a 6.44-inch curved display. Looking at this information it seems clear that G975 will be Galaxy S10+, while the other two devices will be different versions of Galaxy S10.

An interesting thing about these Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks is that a few days back the code of Android Pie firmware released by the company had revealed 4 different S10 models. This leak, however, limits the count to 3 while providing more concrete information. Also, it’s worth noting that this 6.44-inch display of Galaxy S10 will be larger than Galaxy Note 9. This is the first time when the screen of a Galaxy S device is going to be bigger than the screen of Galaxy Note device launched before it.

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As far as camera units of each of these models are concerned, the device with the flat screen may get a single-lens camera on the back. The device with edge display may get a dual-lens camera, while Galaxy S10+ may even get a triple-lens unit to make it a total beast among flagships. But all these things are based on assumptions, so we should wait for some more Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks to confirm them.

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