Rootless Pixel Launcher back in Play Store without companion app download prompt

When Rootless Pixel Launcher was pulled by Google from Play Store a few days ago, its developer Amir Zaidi had promised to bring it back without the companion app download prompt. He has kept his promise, and Rootless Pixel Launcher is now back in Play Store without the download prompt for its Companion app. That was quick, wasn’t it?

While this seems like a minor change, the Feed makes a major part of the user experience on Google’s Pixel smartphones. If you want it on your device you’ll have to download the Rootless Pixel Bridge app on your own. To download it you’ll have to enable ‘Feed’ option in launcher’s settings menu. Otherwise, you can download Rootless Launcher from APK Mirror, which comes with Companion app built into it.

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The new version (v3.9) of Rootless Launcher also comes with a number of other changes. They include:

  • A new icon matching with the material design philosophy of Google (by @allstargaurav).
  • Launch shortcut in other launchers and Play Store.

The launcher now also mentions specifically that it supports tablets. You can download it from Play Store or APK Mirror (link above). And as always, the companion/bridge app can also be downloaded from APK Mirror.

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