Google maps on the Android Auto gets redesigned

The other day I was driving my Hyundai and noticed a complete make-over of the Google maps on the Android Auto. At first, I was skeptical about this update as I didn’t see it coming from any Android blogs. But, as soon as I saw the new sticky search bar, I was delighted. The only major issue that I had with Google maps on the Android auto was the disappearance of that search bar on random occasions. In this new update, Google is bringing in a complete makeover of the UI to get it aligned with its material design guidelines.

Maps on Auto - Old UI

Maps on Auto – Old UI

Maps on Auto - New UI

Maps on Auto – New UI

The first thing that you’ll notice as soon as you start Google Maps on the Android Auto is the rounded corner user interface. The search bar has been moved to the left side. At the same time, all status icons have been moved to the right. Google has also replaced its old hamburger menu with a rounded settings icon. The options in this menu are identical to what they have been in the older design. The options such as traffic, satellite view, muting volume are available with a single tap from this settings menu.

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Maps on Auto - Options

The search bar is where all the action is. As soon as you tap on it, you’ll see a bunch of options. On the left, you’ll see three options i.e., Recent, Categories and Personal (pretty obvious, right?). If you had used these in the old design, they are pretty much the same. The theme of the keyboard has been changed to the light from dark.

Most of the other changes are mostly concerned with the placements of the UI elements as well as few other options. The changes are definitely welcomed and I’m loving the idea of search-focused design.

If you haven’t got the update of Google Maps on the Android Auto, you can download the apks from APKMirror and see if it works that way. The other more obvious option is to wait until it has been pushed to your device.

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