OnePlus 6T is official: Futuristic in-display fingerprint reader is here

OnePlus has officially launched its flagship device (incremental) of the year – OnePlus 6T has a lot of things under its hood. The in-display fingerprint reader, which was first observed in the Vivo’s Android smartphone has made its way to the OnePlus 6T. Experts and critics around the world have already started noting one thing. It isn’t as fast as the normal fingerprint reader. If you ask my opinion about this, I’m completely fine with that. The reason being it is that technology which is still undergoing a good amount of research. While it may not be as fast as the conventional fingerprint reader, it is pretty decent. Apart from the in-display fingerprint scanner, there’re a few more things that need to be pointed out.

OnePlus 6T – Things that you need to know

Battery size increased by 12%

OnePlus 6T - 12% boost in battery capacity

OnePlus 6T – 12% boost in battery capacity

OnePlus 6 had battery power of 3300 mAh. While this wasn’t really a big of a problem, OnePlus 6T takes this forward by adding 400 mAh more taking the total capacity to 3700 mAh. This extra boost of about 12% will probably get you an hour more in screen on time. To make it sweeter, OnePlus 6T has its very own Dash Charging enabled. This additional juice in the battery also brings a little thickness to the device but I would any day prefer it rather than having that slimness.

The headphone jack is the thing of the past

OnePlus is especially known for listening to its user base. The headphone jack was one of the most requested things that OnePlus users wanted. But, it seems that the company has decided to go another way around. They say that have a good reason for it – To fit in the in-display fingerprint reader and speakers. This is once again a reminder to move on from the 3.5mm headphones port and start using either Bluetooth or USB-C headphones.

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Still no wireless charging

Although OnePlus 6T has a glass back it still doesn’t charge wirelessly. This is something that is a minor thing if you ask me but it is important to few.

We <3 that notch

I’ve never liked the idea of adding a notch. I would personally prefer a phone with bezels on top but this is by far the most beautiful notch I’ve ever seen. I’ve already praised it so much at the beginning of this article and I think I stop sugar coating it now.

The price of OnePlus 6T

The phone still starts at the same price as that of OnePlus 6 i.e., $549 for 128 GB / 6 GB variant. The 8 GB variant is going to cost you about $579 while 256 GB / 8 GB variant will cost you $629.

Let me end this on a good note – top notch.

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