[Updated – Second notch] Pixel 3 Issues – If you’re thinking of buying it, you better read this

Google Pixel 3 has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism even before it was launched. A lot of this criticism was circled around how bad its notch was. The phone is still in the news not because of the good things such as its wonderful camera but because of the issues that it is facing. This time, these Pixel 3 issues aren’t virtual (like a notch). The issues are more or less related to the design or technological choices that Google had to make. That’s what they are saying but I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide.

Second notch bug (Added on 29 Oct 2018)

Everybody hates notch. Pixel 3 had its own share of criticism with that notch but it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. A new bug has popped up which randomly displays the second artificial notch. Google has also acknowledged this issue and issued a statement saying that it will be fixed “very soon”.

Subpar audio quality in videos recorded on Pixel 3

Several YouTubers have recently noted this strange behavior in the Pixel 3. Essentially what is happening is when you record a video, the audio sounds bit tiny. It feels like as if the sound is coming from a distant galaxy. All right. I went too far. But strangely enough, the audio is kind of hollow. Google reached out to AndroidPolice stating that what we’re experiencing is because of the way microphone is designed to record sound. Pixel 3’s microphone is reducing background noise such as those caused by wind or road. This is the complete statement from Google –

We made several advances in the audio recording capabilities of Pixel 3, including enabling stereo recording in landscape mode. When recording outdoors, our tuning is specifically designed to reduce background noise like wind and road noise and overly loud sounds and optimize for audible speech. To achieve this, we selectively de-emphasize some frequencies, which minimizes disruptive noises and optimizes the resulting audio. We do extensive user testing of our products to ensure they are tuned for real-world usage, and we’re always looking at additional tuning opportunities based on user feedback

This video by Youtuber Jeremy Vortega explains this issue well –

Pixel 3 memory management issue –

A large portion of Pixel 3 users have recently reported a memory management issue which is causing background apps to be killed. The cause of this issue still unknown but it is also resulting in camera app being forcefully closed. To test this, you can start the music player such as Spotify and start your favorite playing songs. Start the camera app and start taking some pictures. Does your music app stop abruptly? Subsequently, there are more reports of apps such as YouTube music closing when starting Chrome browser. All this comes under the same flag of memory management.

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This is particularly visible in this test where app reload is being tested –

Imbalanced audio through speakers

When you put two speakers on the phone, you expect them to have balanced output through both speakers. This was one of the first issues that were observed with Pixel 3. The speakers on the Pixel 3 produce stereo output and this imbalance in the output is pretty noticeable.

This video highlights this issue very clearly –

Although Google has acknowledged this, the likelihood of Google pushing a fix for this is low. The statement from Google reads –

Hi all, This is by design. We specially designed speakers that allow for louder sound (40% louder than last year) and better low-frequency response. We use new amplifier technology with advanced speaker protection algorithms to push these speakers harder and really get every last bit of performance out of them. We also worked closely with the expert tuning of a Grammy-award winning music producer to enhance the audio in a way that plays to the strengths of the hardware system.

Wireless Charging

Pixel 3’s wireless charging is proprietary meaning that not all wireless charging manufacturers will be able to make use of it. Though Google has issued a statement saying that others can use it provided they register themselves to be certified by Google. The only charger that can charge your phone at full speed wirelessly is either Pixel Stand or this Belking charger.

YouTube videos aren’t centered –

First noticed by popular YouTuber MKBHD, if you play any Youtube video on Pixel 3, you’ll find that the videos aren’t centered.

Pixel 3 Youtube videos aren't centered

MKBHD Pixel 3 Video

This issue, in particular, is easily fixable via software update and therefore I wouldn’t consider it a red flag.

No audio when connected to Android Auto

If you’re a heavy Android Auto user, you’ll be disappointed for a while since Pixel 3 is having a tough time with Android Auto. A strange issue is causing the music player to not produce sound when connected to the Android auto head unit. After reports emerged from multiple sources, Google was seen acknowledging the issue. An update will soon be rolled out to Android Auto and/or Play services to fix this.

How to report Pixel 3 issues

It is relatively easy to report an issue when it comes to Pixel 3. You can either tweet it @madebygoogle or join this pixel user community.

Featured image from MKBHD video

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