SwiftKey to offer real-time translation on Android

Real-time translation in SwiftKey

If there’s one keyboard app for Android that is more popular than any other one, it’s SwiftKey. It has existed since the early days of Android in 2010, and it works with more than 240 languages, making it unarguably the single best keyboard application ever. But it’s going to get even better now as we’re about to get the functionality of real-time translation in SwiftKey!

Yes! Your SwiftKey keyboard will now allow you to translate what you’re writing in real-time. It will rely on Microsoft Translator to offer this functionality, which is obvious because the company behind SwiftKey was acquired by MS in 2016.

The function will hopefully be much faster than the current lengthy procedure that people follow to translate between different languages while typing – exiting the app in which they’re typing, opening a translator, translating and then going back to the app to type again. It’s a tedious experience, and the new real-time translation in SwiftKey can eliminate it completely.

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However, it’s appeal is speed and speed alone. If it’s not fast enough then it won’t be very useful. It is set to be rolled out in the coming days, and we’ll have to see how fast it is before reaching any conclusions. So let’s wait and watch!

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