Google Assistant adds ton of new features to make your life simpler

First launched in May 2016, Google Assistant has helped a lot of us in several day-to-day tasks. It has got several updates so far and it is at the stage where no other assistant is. The pace at which Google keeps adding new features to Google Assistant shows that the company is damn serious about it. In the new update released today, Google has added a bunch of new features that are definitely going to make your life easier.

Google Assistant – New Features (14 Nov 2018)

Google is bringing in new features such as broadcast replies, alarm clock morning routines, podcast voice controls, recipes on the smart displays and easily turning on DND through voice etc.

Broadcast replies

Until today, people were able to broadcast voice messages to their family members either through the Google Home speakers or smart display. What was missing was the ability to reply to these broadcast messages. The new update adds this ability and broadcast replies are now available as transcribed messages. You can continue broadcasting messages back and forth for as long as you want. Of course, it may also be easier to use chat app, wouldn’t it?

Alarm clock enhancements

Google Assistant Clock Routines

I’m really excited about the enhancements that are coming to the alarm clock. As part of this update, you can now set custom triggers as a part of alarm clocks. For example, it is now possible to set morning routines as and when the alarm goes off. These routines may include things like turning on lights, adjust the thermostat, get weather updates and reminders etc.

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Podcast voice controls

You can now ask Google Assistant to play the podcast at a slower or faster speed. All you have to is say – Hey Google, play at twice speed. This is also applicable to the audiobook reading through Google Assistant.

Turning DND on using Assistant

How many times have you felt annoyed getting a notification at 2 AM when you were asleep? I know how frustrating this can be. This is why it is now possible to say – Hey Google, silence my phone. It will instantly activate the Do Not Disturb mode on all of your devices.

Improved recipes on smart display

Smart Display Recipe Recommendations

One of the most convincing real-life usages of the smart display is to look at recipes while cooking food. Thanks to the new update, you can now see recommended recipes that will show up in a new Google Assistant Card on the display. It is no surprise that this recommended list will be based on the time of the day, season and your past meals that you’ve searched for. It will also be possible to save recipes in the My Cookbook.

All of these features will be available worldwide in the next few weeks.

Source – Google

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