Google Home Mini is now available in aqua

Dang. I just ordered my Google Home Mini last week and this is hurting me so much. Google has announced a brand new color aqua for its tiniest smart speaker Google Home Mini and it looks gorgeous. I’m thinking it would look great on my blackish gray table. Right? According to a few other reports (unofficial), it seems that Google was planning to release it on October 28th but something didn’t go well. Nevertheless, the speaker is now available through Google Store as well as Walmart for $49.

I have the coral color of Google Home Mini and apart from that, it was also available in chalk and charcoal colors. The Google Home Hub is another product which is also available in the color aqua (in case you want to match it).

We’re also hearing some reports of this color being already available in Canada and Australia. It is not pretty clear why it was announced so late. Was it because of the Black Friday? I think so.

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On a personal note, I think this color would look great on the dark surface. It could probably go well with your kitchen or tv table if its dark. Google has recently added a ton of new features to Google Assistant which could come in handy.

You can order aqua colored Google Home Mini from Google Store right away and Walmart.

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