PUBG Mobile Season 4: All you need to know

The kind of popularity PUBG has gained amongst the mobile games is just something we hadn’t expected in 2018. But the astonishing response it received from the community and casual players is tremendous. However, the company is not leaving any stones unturned to make PUBG more addictive than it already is. The company has tweeted that they will be releasing Season 4 in a few days. So here is all that you need to know about PUBG Mobile season 4.

What’s new in PUBG Season 4

The new update offers new weekly challenges up to 100 RP level, after crossing which players will get special rewards including some unlocked items. The update will also allow getting the Elite upgrade or Elite plus upgrade for added benefits like paid benefits with 100 UC on every level of the new PUBG season.

Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode is basically game without footsteps or any kind of sound that helps a player to spot other enemies. This “sounds” like an interesting mode as players will just be dependent on sight and be quick to shoot first before their enemy spots them. However, this mode will only be available for a limited time period.

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New skins, vehicles, guns, and more

A new gun M762 Assault rifle will be spawn in all the maps which tucks in 7.62 bullets giving more damage than existing 5.56 bullet rifles. The gun is already available in the PC version and it will be interesting to have it in the mobile version.

The new skins are not only interesting but bring popular characters from DC universe i.e Joker and Harley Quinn.

Apart from these some new additions are revamped weapons, Sanhok exclusive scooter, parachutes menus, a Royal pass for access to weekly challenges. The matchmaking system will be enhanced too.

New chat system

The new chat system is not only faster but lighter and allows players to store messages within the app while making less impact on RAM. The enhanced matchmaking will allow the system to team up players who speak the same language.

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic weather already exists for the PC version of PUBG but will be introduced to mobile with season 4 0.9.5 update making the game more fun to play.

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