Did OnePlus remove negative product reviews on their US website?

In the past, there have been a lot of companies that have followed shady practices. More recently, Samsung was caught using a photo claiming to be from Samsung Galaxy A8 but it really turned out to be from Getty images captured by professional photographers. This time around OnePlus is at the receiving end of this criticism with few users claiming that their negative reviews have vanished from the website.

The story began when a Reddit user ftblwolf ordered a tempered glass screen protector for OnePlus 6T. The user was trying to apply this screen protector but failed miserably as the bubbles started popping up. At one point, when the user was working through the corners, the screen protector started growing cracks. The user reached out to the OnePlus customer care and was told that the product had already been applied. Therefore, it can’t be replaced. Fair enough.

The user posted this experience on their website with a poor rating.

Poor rating on OnePlus screen protector

After posting this poor rating, the redditor was constantly checking the page for any additional reviews from different buyers. As it turns out, there were 3-4 more reviews bashing how difficult it was to get the bubbles out. As the user went over the website to check the review again, the review is found to have vanished in thin air. According to the him/her, the review was posted on December 4th and reviews from December 3rd were still available after sorting it out by date.

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Another user has also reported that there are no negative reviews visible on this particular item.

Our take – It seems to be an isolated case to us. I personally checked another accessory on their website and it seems to have poor reviews intact.

source – Reddit story

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