OnePlus launches OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition for $700

Today morning, OnePlus has officially announced OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition variant of its flagship phone starting from $699. As reported earlier, the device will have blazing fast speed with 10 GB RAM and will support wrap speed charging. For the record, OnePlus 6T is currently being sold with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB storage at max. There’s no wrap speed charging in that variant which will talk about in a minute.

What is wrap speed charging?

Unless you’ve been in a cave or something, you probably are aware of Dash Charging. The fastest charging we’ve ever seen. The Dash Charging can charge your OnePlus phone up to 70% in half an hour.

Enter Wrap Charging. This charges OnePlus 6T in 20 minutes and that juice is probably good for a day (for most people). I’m not pretty sure how that works out but OnePlus says that they have built some special circuits into the phone and charger to achieve this ridiculously high rate of charging. And they say it is safe.

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Differences between OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition and Standard Edition

There’re three main differences when it comes to the McLaren edition OnePlus 6T and the standard one. I’ve already talked about two. The 10 GB RAM and high speed charging. These two differences align with what McLaren represents. Speed and ultra-ultimate performance. That 10 GB RAM seems kind-of an overkill but if you’re that heavy multi-tasking user, this one is for you.

The third thing is the color. This special edition phone will have papaya orange trim paint which I’m guessing is closely related to their cars? (Help me out here).

The phone will be available in North America from December 13th. In India, it should be available from December 12th.

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