Google Maps to make your navigation insanely cool

If you have been following Google’s events from the past few years, you would remember this crazy demo of Google Maps that was showcased at Google I/IO last year. It was undoubtedly a remarkable achievement for engineers at Google which was achieved with the help of powerful computer vision algorithms, street view, and camera. Although it was announced at Google I/O event, the feature was not completely ready. But, the wait is finally over. At least for those who are Local Guides. The company is now allowing a select number of people to test this feature and provide initial feedback.

What is AR-based Google Maps navigation?

I’ll let this video answer your query –

Thanks to David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal, we have initial pictures and experience from the first-hand user.

This AR-based navigation system on Google Maps would be accessible from a dedicated button. Initially, the phone would ask you to move it around so that it could recognize the landmarks. Something similar to the calibration we do before playing race games. As soon as this is done, the app would start showing you the arrows pointing in the direction of your destination. A small map view would be shown at the bottom of the app to give you an idea and context of where you’re. Since this feature will use several hardware features such as a camera, compass, and GPS, it will most definitely drain your battery. That is exactly why this feature is expected to be used when you’re at an intersection.

Google Maps AR - Navigation

Google Maps AR – Navigation

The feature is limited to the pedestrian mode and may never make its way to the drive mode. It is kinda safety matter right now as it could distract driving.

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We will update this post as and when we have information about the public availability of this feature.

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