Pixel’s February 2019 security update has more to it than just the security

As you all know, Google has recently started rolling out its monthly security update for February 2019 to Pixel users. As the initial feedback starts rolling in, we’re learning about some very interesting changes that this update is bringing on the Pixel devices. In addition to the security patches that are being rolled out, there’re some user-facing changes which we need to discuss.

First up – About section. The About section of the phone use to sit inside the System menu of Settings app. It has been leveled up and moved to the main settings page right above the Tips and support section. In addition to this change, the About section now has a new option called Safety and regulatory manual. Usually, a printed copy of this manual is being provided with the device. Yes, I’m talking that same booklet that you throw away right after taking the device out of the box.

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If you’re seeing something unusual in the Settings app itself, your eyes are fine. Google has refreshed some of its icons in the Settings. Also, we’re learning that you can now schedule an update after downloading. There seem to be some more changes around how updates are handled. Essentially, if you’re using your phone, the device will pause the update. It is also possible to schedule a phone restart between 2 to 4 AM.

All these changes are centered around Settings and About section and we welcome them all.

featured image – MKBHD

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