Google Phone v29 beta starts rolling out real-time text

Not too long ago, Google updated its Phone app to expand Screen Calling and Dark theme to last generation Pixel devices. Today, Google has started rolling out a real-time text feature which could revolutionalize the calling for deaf and speech impaired people. Google Phone v29 introduces this feature to those who are enrolled in a beta program of the app.

Real-time text – What is it?

To put it in simple words, the real-time text feature allows users to talk via text messages while being on a phone call. That is exactly why this feature is extremely useful to the speech impaired or deaf people. Since it is part of the accessibility feature, it first needs to be enabled from Settings > Accessibility. You’ll see a new option called “Allow messaging within a voice call” which will need to be enabled to use this feature. Once turned on, your phone calls will start showing RTT icon in the phone app.

Google Phone v29 - Real-time text feature

Google Phone v29 – Real-time text feature (Courtesy of

According to Google, these text messages will be stored as a message transcript and they can be viewed by going into the Recents tab. As far as Pixel phones are concerned, these transcripts are stored on the phone and they are not accessible to the other apps. It is also possible to have multiple RTT calls going at the same time.

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We’re also hearing some reports that although this feature is being rolled out in Phone’s 29 beta version, few people have got it on version 28 as well. This means that the update is more likely being enabled from server-side.

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