Samsung Earbuds, Fitness tracker and Smartwatch leaked

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you would know about what has been happening as far as Samsung’s flagship phone is concerned. Samsung Galaxy S10 is all set to make its final official appearance but the event will also feature several wearable devices. This was in the news for a while and today’s leak has confirmed the presence of Samsung earbuds, fitness tracker and smartwatch.

Thanks to Samsung’s own wearable app which has been updated ahead of time and now has several new hardware products. This app is responsible for controlling and updating these wearable devices. Let’s talk about these products one by one –

Samsung Earbuds


Samsung’s wireless earphones i.e., earbuds were leaked last week when a picture popped up showcasing them on top of Samsung Galaxy S10. This clearly meant that the earbuds were a real product. What we know more about it is the color. Today’s leak shows us that there could possibly be a black color. Will we get to see more colors? One more week and we will know.

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Samsung Smartwatch – Galaxy Active

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch - Active

Similar to how earbuds were leaked, we already had a good look at Samsung’s smartwatch – Galaxy Active. The new leak gives us a glimpse of how it will look in the black color and I’m super-excited.

Two Fitness Trackers?

Galaxy Wearable App - Screenshot

From the image retrieved off its application, it is pretty clear that there are going to be two versions of the fitness tracker i.e., Galaxy Fit and Fit e. Also, it seems that Samsung is starting a new branding with the letter “e”. Just recently, Samsung announced Galaxy S5e tablet which is claimed to be their lightest and thinnest tablet yet.

As I said earlier, the official announcement is just around the corner (Feb 20) and we won’t have to wait much longer.

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