Samsung Galaxy S10 finally brings the choice to remap bixby button (coming to older models too)

Samsung has had a complicated history with third-party developers and the Bixby button remapping apps. In the past, users have managed to remap the Bixby button by using the all-in-one gesture app. This way they could recalibrate the Bixby button to launch a different app such as Google now. The remapping occurred for the first time with Galaxy S8 however Samsung quickly disabled it. It seems that with the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung has finally heard its users and offered their own remapping option for Bixby.

Samsung Bixby Button - Remapping

Samsung Bixby Button – Remapping

In order to make this remapping possible, they offer two ways to open Bixby; a single press and double press. However, the untailored choice will still open Bixby. That is, if you make the single press command to open Google Assistant, the double press command will still launch Bixby. Apart from this, the Bixby voice still comes on when the Bixby button is held down.

The company has also made it clear that this will be available to the older Samsung models through the software update. Irrespective, this change has been a long time coming. It is definitely going to please users that have consistently complained against the bixby and its remapping.

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