Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 finally sees Android 9 Pie update

As always owners of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 have had to wait eagerly for the release of the Andriod 9 Pie. Luckily, they have finally started to receive the update. The 1.7GB update will bring the updated One UI, and on top of that, you’ll see the January security patch.

The delayed update doesn’t come as any surprise. You only have to look at the Galaxy S7. Samsung has shown us that they are in no rush to update the unlocked versions of their handsets. It seems strange that carrier versions of Samsung receive their updates much earlier than the unlocked version. But hey, that seems to be the case.

Updating Samsung Galaxy S9

Although the update should start automatically, you might be one of the unlucky ones, if this is the case the fix is simple. You can start it yourself by going to settings> Software update> Download manually. There you have it. The update will begin downloading on to your Samsung Galaxy S9. Unfortunately, there is no news on the S9+ handset, so I’m guessing we will have to wait and see. With any luck, it shouldn’t be long until S9+ users can receive the full benefit of the update.

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