Android Q Beta version most likely to launch on March 13th

If these reports are to believed, the next major update to Android since Android 9(Pie) could finally be two days away from official launch. The Beta version of Android Q is reportedly releasing on March 13th. The report is based on the bug tracker that has been created by Google for this version with a suggested launch date of March 13th.

The news is not quite a surprise since, for the last few years, Android beta versions have been releasing during this time of the year. Still, it got pretty exciting when Android developer Mishaal Rahman found the bug tracker which has been made available to the public and tweeted the interesting news this morning.
In addition to the bug tracker, we also have an image from Reddit which is allegedly an internal Google Calendar event invite.

Android Q Beta 1 - Internal Calendar Event

Android Q Beta 1 – Internal Calendar Event

Android Q Beta – Expectations

Well, there is no such confirmed news but it has been rumored that the Beta version will have features like

  • Better support to unlock the phone unlock using facial recognition.
  • Few app downgrades and certain limitations of the apps running in the background.
  • A dark mode which will be system-wide.
  • Desktop mode
  • Revised management system for permissions.
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Let the name guessing begin

The full name of Android Q is obviously not revealed yet. Google usually uses sweet-themed names for its operating system, like Lollipop, Oreo, etc. So, we wonder they may use a name like Quirks, which is a popular chocolate biscuit brand.
The beta version of the app will only be rolled out to selected devices (Pixels to be more specific). However, Google has recently provided early access of the beta versions to third-party phone manufacturers instead of its own devices like the Pixel line. Still, in the next few days, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL owners will most likely have access to the beta version of Android Q.

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