Google Pixel 4 is about to set new standards for flagship phones

Google Pixel 4 is set to come up in the latter half of the year 2019, and there have been speculations about what it is going to bring to the table. As always, the expectation from Google is very high, following their brilliance with their previous Pixel models. Everyone is just looking forward to seeing the new improvements especially in terms of the camera as Pixel phones define the standards for camera performance.

Pixel 4 – Dual SIM and Multiple Camera?

Pixel 4 - Single Front Camera Render

Pixel 4 – Single Front Camera Render

If you look at the past feedback, it is evident that the demand for dual-sim Pixel phone is increasing. This time, Google is likely to take steps to satisfy the customers regarding this feature. Previously we have seen the eSIM that was provided by Google, but it was not really satisfactory for most customers. Therefore in both the Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL, users may get the opportunity to use two physical sim cards. The designs of the models are not yet confirmed, but they are expected to have a maximum screen to body ratio, enabling the user to get more display than normal. Another demand of the users is to have multiple cameras in the device. The Pixel 4 is said to consist only one camera though, but Pixel 4 XL is rumored to come up with multiple cameras for the first time.

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Android Q

Since Google is involved, we can only expect the best functioning will be included in the upcoming Pixel models which will make the user interface buttery smooth. It is quite clear that the Android Q public release will be running on the Pixel 4 out of the box. The Android Q operating system is still not named, and we are expecting to hear the name only days before the launch. This version of Android will finally have a dark mode or night mode that is going to persist in applications as well as the system in total. The touch is said to have become smoother and the overheating of the device will be well under control with wide multitasking possibilities for foldable phones. With Android Q, the focus will entirely be on privacy and security.

The Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL are definitely the ones who are grabbing a lot of attention due to their high expected performances. Only time will say how much justice they can bring to this hype.

Source for renders – Tweet by @PhoneDesigner

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