Nokia 9 PureView – With 5 great cameras, comes great responsibility

For the last few months, quite a lot of rumor has been going on about the Nokia 9 Pureview. Things became a bit hard to believe when the rumors claimed that the device will have a 5 camera system. But, all the rumors are true. The device will indeed have 5 cameras and it is one of the most awaited flagship devices lined up for 2019. With the device being already released and available on BestBuy for $649.

How the 5 Camera System of Nokia 9 PureView Works

Nokia collaborated with Light and developed the 5 camera system. They also teamed up with Qualcomm, ensuring optimum performance of the Snapdragon processor which can provide a maximum output of the image signal processor.

The dynamic range is quite huge with 12.4 stops. What makes it more special is, Nokia has worked in collaboration with Adobe Lightroom for processing RAW files, which allows you to make tweaks before you can produce the final JPEG.

Sensors and depth of field on Nokia 9

Nokia 9 PureView - 5 Camera System

Nokia 9 PureView – 5 Camera System

There are 5 sensors by Sony, all of them having a resolution of 12 megapixels. The lens has been manufactured by Zeiss. Among these sensors, 2 capture RGB color, and the remaining 3 capture Monochrome. The aim behind these 5 sensors is that all the light details are captured by the monochrome sensors which are then added to the RGB data, forming a detailed image. It has the capability to capture a huge amount of depth, about 120 times from that of a normal camera phone.

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A negative point is, there is no portrait mode which people want in their camera phones, but a huge depth means you can add all kind of effects like background blur or bokeh which are needed while clicking portraits.

Why are there so many lenses?

Bracketing is a photography technique that allows a device to simultaneously click images using different exposure settings. The data captured is much detailed than a normal camera. For example, the monochrome lenses can click overexposed and underexposed images and capture details from the shadows which are usually not seen by the naked eye.

But, will the regular consumer understand it?

Well, there is a lot to learn about this phone. We are only excited about the fact that this phone has the potential to be different from its competitors. At the same time, we are also concerned whether people will understand what this phone is capable of. Since handing the camera and multiple exposures are only done perfectly by someone who is a pro in photography. So, will it conquer the market or will it just be another average phone with a good camera?

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