Contextually suggested app actions appearing more widely in Android Q Beta

It looks like Android Q, which is likely to be launched on 7th of May at Google I/O, is going to bring much more than what we have already seen till now in its beta release. Some users of the Android Q beta are reporting contextually suggested app actions appearing on their devices in various places. For example, if someone sends them a message containing the name of a song, an action to start playing that song immediately in Spotify appears right next to the message. Similarly, if there’s a phone number noted on some web page, a button appears to either directly call that number or to save it as a contact.

Android Q Beta Actions

How Contextually Suggested App Actions work in Android Q Beta

The behavior of these actions is identical to the App Actions launched in Android Pie. As per the definition provided by official Android documentation, these actions appear in the Google search app, Google Assistant, Text selection, and Play Store to help users take the relevant action immediately. But in Android Q their presence and role seem to have grown considerably, as they’re also appearing (and then disappearing) in other apps now!

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According to screenshots shared by some users, the presence of app actions in Android Q beta is not limited to apps alone. Sometimes they’ve also appeared in notifications themselves, as you can see in the picture. However, we can’t confirm this thing as the functionality of Android Q because 3rd party apps also exist in Play Store to add this functionality in Android notifications.

A weird thing about these actions is that they also stop appearing sometimes! Perhaps Google maybe activating them from server-side for testing purposes. We’ll come to know whether they’re coming to Android Q or not in the coming days, but one thing is clear right now – they have a lot of potentials once launched for everyone! So let’s see when and how Google includes them as a part of Android Q.


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