Budgeting Digital Life: Google introduces new budgeting feature in the Play Store

It won’t be wrong to say that we live in an era of apps. There’s an app for everything in today’s world, and many of them are paid. The days when people used to resist paying for apps are also gone as the quality of services being offered by the apps has increased. And yes, how can we forget the various paid games that are available in app stores to help us entertain ourselves in the best possible manner! It’s not difficult to find out at least 4-5 paid apps on the devices of many people nowadays. The new budgeting feature in the Play store is about to change how we used to spend our money on apps.


New Budgeting Feature in Play Store

As numbers of paid apps in our devices increase, so does the amount of money that we spend on them. And sometimes we end up spending a bit too much. When that happens, we start wondering what are all the apps we spent the money in. Figuring out how much each of our paid apps costs is alone a cumbersome task, let alone the idea of deciding which one to ditch. Google knows this, and fortunately, it has rolled out a new feature in the Play Store to help us with this issue.

That’s right. A new budgeting feature introduced recently in Play Store will allow us to set a monthly budget for our digital purchases. Once we’re done setting it, the feature will show a progress bar suggesting how much of our budget has been spent. The budget can be set from Account > Purchase History tab inside Play Store, and once set it will start showing the progress of monthly expenditure.

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It’s also worth noting (and also very interesting) that this budgeting feature doesn’t set a cap on your monthly purchases. All it does is telling you what your limits are, and how close you’re getting to those limits. The feature won’t stop you from making a purchase even after you’ve crossed your budget. It will show a message on the payment page telling you that you’ve crossed your monthly budget, but you’ll still be allowed to make your purchase.

In short, while Google wants you to be on the top of how much you spend monthly on your apps, it’s not going to bar you from overspending. That also makes sense because it’s not in the best interests of the company. But still, it’s satisfying to see that there’s a company which wants us to use our precious resources wisely. With Android Pie, Google already launched an extremely useful time management feature (Digital Wellbeing). Now, this budgeting feature for money management in Play Store is also a great add on. Kudos to them!


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